Girl Friends For Life

I have never been the type to BFF girls, not by choice but just the way I grew up. I was raised by a lot of my uncles, and played with my boy cousins, unfortunately that wasn't by choice either, the girl cousins would NEVER let me play with them to the point where I would actually cry and beg them to at least let me sit and watch them play lol. I grew accustomed to the boys that I actually adapted thinking and sadly even behaving like one sometimes, don't get me wrong I still had my female traits because my mama forced me to act like a lady at home.

I noticed as I was growing up that I have developed a pattern where I would be friends with females, a little bit down the road we would just fall out, no explanations, no confrontations and to be honest with you...I could care less, I'm sure if you ask for their side of the story I of course would be at fault, again...I could care less.

As time went by I grew up to man up to my mistakes, apologize when I'm wrong and fight for friendships that mean a lot to me. Look at it this way, if the flow changes between me and you and I don't reach out to know what is going on that would be because I could give 2 shits bitch :) it’s been a pleasure; you can proceed with your "life".

This is no way shape or form low blows to any females I was cool with and are no longer cool with, this just came from the actuality that I’m growing closer and closer to a girl friend of mine. We fight like relatives, she keeps it 200 with me, I’m there for her, and she’s there for me. When I'm in the wrong I’m the first to apologize (few days later give or take lol) and if she's in the wrong, it's the same thing.

I recently said to her that I hate fighting with her and she went on to explain that real friends fight, they make up and become closer, fake friends … don't do that.

Thank you for being you,
xo NEB xo


Anonymiss said...

you seem like an easy to get along with kind of person.

i feel you on the growing up around dudes thing. my moms friends, which were the only kids i'd see outside of school, were all boys (except one girl who was more of a tomboy than i was) and they were all older.

i find it real hard to get close with girls because there are so many expectations there.

its true about the fighting,making up and getting closer thing. if someone doesnt care, they wouldnt care to fight, they would just f*ck off.

Susie said...

Love this post. I guess it's because i can relate.

I, for some reason, just can't keep friends with girls for to long. Like you, we don't fight or any thing, we just simply drift apart, and i could care less. I think i'm closer with dudes cause they are not as needy. They don't expect my time all the time. I don't have to stay on the phone with them all day and gossip and they don't expect to hang out all the time. I think that's my reason for being closer to dudes.

I do have one close girl friend. We'v been close for about 12 yrs. I know the only reason we've remained as close as we are, is simply because she is always busy. She doesn't always need my time.

I hope i don't sound like i'm not sociable, i just like to do things on my time...lol

pris said...

I LOVE this post, my english is not very very good, but if it was, I will write 1243 lines because this post really inspire me.

Mucho love

Leese said...

great post! i'm the same way what you have to keep in mind is one great friend is waaaaaaaay better than 20 fake ones.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring post because this is exactly what's going on with me now...I've drifted apart from my former friends for whatever/personal/falling out reasons but now find myself questioning myself like why can't i stay friends with females? But More Importantly, I question Why I can't seem to find true friends who I can bond with. My problem is im very shy/quiet at first, i observe and keep ppl at a distance...I should probably start being more picky with who i keep friends/company with too.( but thats a whole other blog)

It's inspiring that you've actually found a TRUE friend thru fights/flaws and all that you can still be friends with.

*sighs* Maybe there's hope for me too