Levis - "the new american pioneer" (?)

One of america’s most recognizable brands has recently launched its new campaign that includes tv,print & web – Levis has put on the red (superman)cape in hopes of steering the american people out of economic turmoil with it’s new “go forth” campaign that arrived just in time for july 4th celebrations.(well played levis) The concept is clear - pay homage to the levis history while re-establishing levis as the strong american brand that recognizes the current economic hardships – but strives for a brighter tomorrow. it's the classic built by the people for the people concept. The adds depicts a down (but not defeated) American society that needs to band together in hopes of change (a brighter tomorrow). Although I like this campaign a lot im not sure it will equate to more jean sales for this legendary denim manufacture – i had a conversation with a friend about this campaign and said..."this campaign isnt' about changing jeans - it's about changing minds and hope is a hell of a drug"- andy a few peices of the campaign.. tv add Check out levis.com/goforth for more on this campaign andy, "the strength of the wolf is the pack"

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Natalie said...

I haven't watched the video yet but I am loving the initiative behind the campaign. Also when an ad campaign is uplifting and not just about the product - I love it. It's not just corporate there is a deeper meaning to it. Not just dollars and dimes.

But yeah as for jean sales... Not so much. I think it's good they abbreviated the message in the actual jean shot though. Keeps it simple. If they blast this campaign the sales could go up but I doubt it so far

Keep posting ads, andy I love this stuff