This is sad, real sad Michael Jackson - MJ tribute post by andy

I decided it was only fitting that I pay tribute.. I didn’t have a fancy glove with sequins, diamonds or glitter like Michael – so I reached for the only glove I could find and headed to work. Kept this tribute glove on all day... (hahah im playing... didnt' go to work with a winter glove on my hand - took the photo to get a smile outta friends who were visibly upset after the memorial) All jokes aside - I really didn’t want to touch on this subject - partially because this has been ripped apart and torn to shreds by the mass media and partially because this is a post your going to find on 9 out of 10 blogs right about now but after watching the memorial service today – I felt compelled to write this. This historic day will not soon be forgotten I was fortunate enough to watch the whole memorial at work. I couldn't help but feel like this service will live for an eternity in the hearts and minds of millions around the world. His personal endeavors can be debated till the end of time – however no one can deny his global impact and influence. It seems like only in death has the world realized what a rare talent he was. As he was the focal point of so much controversy, perhaps we (the world) took his presence and work for granted while he was with us… to the greatest entertainer ever I bid you adieu Andy, who’s bad..? michael was.


Anonymiss said...

that was a GREAT joke, and since I don't know you I'm like "oh man he's real devastated and in shock" lol

good one sir... I'm gonna read the book Diane Dimond wrote about him (I actually bought it 5-6 months ago for a dollar at Indigo and something tells me I paid too much), she was so so so on him, I wonder how she feels now... I don't know if Jordie really said that he was lying, but I think we all believe that he was.

lathesau said...

LMAO at your glove!

That Friday after he died, all my girls wanted to wear a glove when we went out, but all we could find were some weak $2 winter gloves.

We shoulda done it man after seeing how cool you looked. lol

Jai. said...

FYI, that comment above is me, Jai, I guess someone forgot to sign out.