The Road(trip) to the Final 4 - TORONTO to DETROIT CITY

This was epic
most legendary road trip I have ever been apart of. I started to try an put this trip into words but... how can i explain the atmosphere of the Men's NCAA Final Four?? -- what you want me to say "THIS SHIT WAS AWESOME"or "THE TRIP WAS AMAZING"- i'm just gonna post the pictures -- road trips change lives.
pak,andy,hutch - sec 113 row 29
andy, congrats UNC -- thank you Detroit "dream come true -type shit"-- goodnight Toronto


Lizzy said...

I hope you had mad fun in my home city.
But that game was pathetic! UNC definitely whooped our ass!
But I'm always a Spartan NO MATTER WHAT!

kenzathegreat said...

omg andy
mad jealous !

AnitaH SparkZ said...

YO I don't think I've been this jealous in a long ass time....

the NCAA other than the world cup is the shit I watch......Since I was a youth......

You just fufilled my dream...lol

And by the way I like Michigan..
But u dun' know u can't mess with NC....

They like DUKE back in the day...they doing it up proper.......

btw I hate u andy...lol
jus kiddin'


mighty mar said...

I hateeee lawson and hansboro
They dide my zags dirty lol

Andy. said...

Lizzy- yea i did. madd funn.

Kenza- jealousy is a weak emotion ;)

Anitah- glad our trips came true

Mar- physco T never blinks so you can never catch him sliping... lawsons the shit (floor general) not surprised they won this year

Heyhomee said...

Two words: FCUKIN AWESOME!!!