"Man up"

You know what ? i love Denzel Washington! Think about it ... what movie has he ever starred in that you do you not like ? Thats a hard one righhhht ? Plus he's very easy on the eyes ;) Here go my top 3 favorite Denzel movies (this was hard) 1. Training Day 2. The hurricane 3. John Q feel free to share yours !


AnitaH SparkZ said...

DENZEL is the SHIT.....

I think MALCOLM X has to be one of my favs.....

I also like that one with the devil....FALLEN? I can't remember the name......

bless up!

Ackee said...

American Gangster
(I'm not huge on movies so i havent seen alot of his movies, HOWEVER i plan on doing so when i get the time)

i love him even more because I heard that he donated $50 thousand to the boys and girls club when he heard they were in danger of shutting down...awww

and i love that he has instilled good morals in his kids (one of his daughters go to yale). no phony hollywood shit for the washingtons

FraNcis James said...
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mighty mar said...

He got game
Training day

Natalie said...

lol out of the films I have watched with I love but is it just me or does he always have this "italian-ish" accent especially in American Gangster : "They tried to kill MY WIFE"

1. Training Day
2. American Gangster
3. Malcolm X

The Definition said...

1. Glory
2. Malcolm X
3. Man On Fire

....he's old enough to be my dad, but there is something about the way that man walks that is just so undeniably sexy.....HE has extraordinary swag.

coco said...

Man On Fire, Glory and Malcom X in no particular order. Love all of his movies!


Brey said...

Malcolm X
He Got Game
Mo Betta Blues

The Spike Lee joints are his best films imo.

Cassie said...

he ripped it in "malcolm x"...but "philadelphia" is one of my faves

Nebby said...

:O i never seen malcolm x

kenzathegreat said...

oh nebby are you serious ?
its oldddd but amazing :)

Domenic 'Dom Corleone' said...

1. Remember The Titans
2. Training Day
3. Man on Fire

I also love Philadelphia, it's an older flick,

..and American Gangster has THE most gully scene of his career - when he's eating at the diner and he walks outside, merks dude who wanted to tax him in broad day, then comes back in, sits down and asks "So where was I?"