is it just me ...



Ackee said...

i still love chris brown....but my boy has aged about 5-10 years in a matter of 2 months.

but as much as i love him...he looks guilty as hell in that pic

AnitaH SparkZ said...

Chris Brown guilty...(my opinion)
Rihanna Stupid....(jus my opinion)

Media can be bullshitters (bullshitters not a word)

ha ha


nt skinne n e mo said...

yess he lookin real guilty. poor thang.

i still love his music and think he hella sexy....

playas fuck up lol

Anonymiss said...

im still so torn about this whole thing. i mean, chris is in the media right, so he doesnt get treated like any other guy would have in this situation (dude got ALL his endorsements pulled, he ain't gettin' no mo' milk money believe that), and i dont know if thats fair.

like i know what he did was wrong, i think someone should womp his pretty ass, but his money situation is gonna be hit, no going around that. he's not gonna be writing no tell all books and turning a buck out of this situation. I've heard of this supposed duo, but she should know better, they're a single income couple now and she shouldnt take the risk of it hurting her career (which i think it would). let's not forget the lawyer bills.

so, what i'm getting to, is that i think the pictures of home girls face were what made him guilty, this picture, makes him look remorseful.

maybe i'm just crossing my fingers and hoping, but i don't think it's fair that he be OVERLY penalized. i mean, there's no punishment befitting domestic abuse, being that there are a lot of things outside the actual physical violence. so many other areas of a woman's life change because of even previous abuses that have stopped. but its just not fair that a young guy like that be put under the microscope and be scrutinized so viciously when - reality check - we don't really know what happened.

i didn't know i had so much of an opinion on this till' i came to say that he looks remorseful and not guilty to me... sorry lol