Fave Reader: Nicki

Dear Nebby, Kenza and Andy,

Your blog keeps me going throughout the day! You guys all got jokes and I literally laugh out loud when you guys post something funny! I read it religiously...about 4-5 times a day...more if I'm just chillin at home. You guys are a creative bunch of individuals and I'm glad that I have The Segment in my life ;)
With that being said, I know Nebby loves sharing so I'm gonna share something with you guys. If you are ever feeling down, or life is just kicking you hard in the ass, always remember if could be worst. Check out this website http://www.fmylife.com/ and you'll see what I mean. Here's a couple examples:

-Today, I tasted the rainbow. By that, I mean a homeless man hit me in the face with a bag of Skittles for not giving him money. FML

-Today, my tampon string was hanging from my bathing suit. My boyfriend thought it was a thread hanging from my bikini bottom. He publicly pulled out my tampon. FML

Enjoy!! :)


LMAO!!! thank you so much Nicki!!


Tia said...

LMAO!!!!! hilarious!!!! i love that we can email you now i kind of felt bad sending you personal messages to your facebook, thanks for all the advice Neb!

Nicki said...

No prob!! I'm glad you found it as funny as I did!! :D

Anonymous said...

Lmaolmao fml is my secret weapon...I think I should post one of my FML moments on there.

missy said...


^ Take that in. When I first saw it all I could think of was: WHAT IF ADVERTISING KEPT IT REALLLLLLLLLL!?! Maybe we wouldnt all be looking for perfection.

Nebby said...

hey missy! i saw that too a couple of days ago, if advertising kept it real there will be 0 money in the bank for them. perfection sells, they are selling dreams and people are buying them, sad to say that it will forever be that way.