Do people really fall for this??

From Mr. Khamo Latif Dear Friend, I am Mr. Khamo Latif, a Chief Accountant. A deceased client of mine, who here in after shall be referred to as my client, died as the result of a heart-related condition on March 12th 2005. His heart condition was due to the death of his family in fatal car accident. My late Client who is dealing with Gold and Diamond here has a deposit of Six Million Eight Hundred and Twenty Thousand United States Dollars (US$6,820,000.M) left behind in the Africa Development Bank-BF. I and the Bank Authorities has made every verification to locate any of his relative but all effort was no avail, The Bank today has concluded to divert his funds (US$6,820,000.M) into a Government treasuring Account. Actually, his Account has been Dormant since his death and order has been given to divert the money into a Government treasuring Account. Instead of the Government using this funds, i choose to share it with you since I knew all about him as my client . If you are interested to do the deal, 50% will be your reward while i gain 50% after the deal. And this will not take more than 7 working banking days for the money to get's into your Bank Account. Furnish me your private phone/fax numbers, home and office address,Your passport photocopy or Id Card to enable me file the Application for the transfer. Note: Keep this as top secret and confidential to yourself for the safety of the money and reply through my safety home email:(mrkhamo_latif09@hotmail.com}. Best regards, Mr. Khamo Latif N:B, Please do not fail to reply through my safety home email: {mrkhamo_latif09@hotmail.com} for security reason. Thanks for kindly attention. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Please don't fall for this shit.


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A Nigerians #1 job lmfao....theres more too.

Tia said...

Way to many damn typo's in that e-mail...that shit ain't legit 'bout send me all your information and ray ray ray...are you frigen kidding me?? smdh!