KG for G

not sure if you've seen any pieces of the new Gatorade Campaign "Quest for G" but it's one of my favorite campains out right now... check it out.. See the full Quest for G here.. ( well worth watching - fyi Usain Bolt acts now.. even his ego gets a role) Andy,Never messed with POWERade..always been a G


MsToya said...

LMAO...KG is the friggin man, i love him!!!
this commercial is jokes!

Janine said...

"Usain Bolt acts now.. even his ego gets a role". LOL!!

Anonymous said...

"Man we're gifted"

Jai. said...

But seriously,I want to know how in the hell did the Jabbawockeez get involved with that campaign?!

Im watching t.v. and I see the b&w commercial where they just go down the line of athletes(Serena Williams,Muhammad Ali, D Wade, Derek Jeter etc.). Dope people and then you see them niggas, popping and waving and shit at the end. lol

I like them but it was so awkward, I just started laughing. And I dont think that was the commercial's intention.