L.V just got SKAMED

Congrats to My boy SKAM (OG Toronto Graph LLegend) who has recently been commissioned by Louis Vuitton NY to do a live canvas at the Stephen Sprouse collection Launch event in TO... Seems like this is an invite only event an Andy's not invited... (what the fuks' up with that ri?) anyways if you're lucky enough to be in attendance make sure you shake his hand, buy him a drink an check out his canvas... check out a few options SKAM put together his L.V canvas..
who's SKAMuel Jackson? find out more here who's was Stephen Sprouse? find out more here (rip)
Andy, artists always amaze me .....always


be. • TheLegendsLeague • said...

"True master you can check his credentials 'cus he choose to use his infinite potential..."


lipstick cherry said...


Anonymous said...

def. a good look for SKAMuel (c) Righteous Riches

Andy. said...

Word up! is that you Richie? haha where you been kid!