Random Thursdays

There is no real purpose behind this post but since tis my blog i can go on n on about anything i really want :) Last week was kinda hectic for me i had a wake up call and it made me realize i never ever ever wanna end up at the hospital ever again unless I'm volunteering stress= no bueno, it kinda sux that i still don't know how to take it easy because i love being busy i love working hard and i work well under pressure so i keep things last minute so i really dont know how to be any other way :/ aw well i think i just need a vaca, everyone keeps telling me to take time off but i really don't see the need.. unless theres a beach waiting for my arrival somewhere. Anywho, anyone that knows me knows i'm a guy inside a girls body...my friend Chris actually said to me today "...you are such a guy, no never mind you are beyond that your a fukin animal" but lately i have been feeling like such a girl!! lol its so different and i kinda like it :X i won't talk too much about this certain subject cuz at the end of the day I'm still a G. :P I leave you with this photo cuz it makes me smile. I'm feeling good, feeling great, how are you?


lipstick cherry said...

hey andy, i'll email you if somethin comes up! i'll keep you in mind =)

Lieu Fatale said...

KEEP IT G THEN!!! LOL && urhm tha pic def made my nyt lol


Anonymous said...

do you speak Spanish? what languages do you speak besides English?

Anonymous said...

she a sensitive thug ;).