CHICKEN NUGGETS commercial on BET coincidence.... not likely

Saw this commercial last night on BET... Well played McDonald's I actually laughed.. Plus you plugged the right product to the right audience didn't you... I can already see Welch's re-branding their Grape Juice to Grape Drink...drastic economic times call for drastic measures.. (i guess) Andy, ps: ..she had a 10piece and couldn't share...tha's kinda fuked up... dont' you think?


Bombchell said...

HA HA HA HA that commercial. is funny, embarrassing, omg its everything I love it.

I seriously wish I was his friend, just to make fun of him. Its one of the best.

CeleBritney said...

I feel this commercial is soooooo Iggnorant.. but its SOOOOO funny/stupid to me. I sing it all the time lmaooo.

Timaaa. said...

lmao @ that commercial i always sing the ending

* AHEM... AHEM *
" girl you got a 10 piece, dont be stinggggyyyyyy "

oh man!

The Definition said...

AHHH HA HA HA!!! My sister-in-law and I died over this commercial. The first time I saw it was late at night and I'm like, "What the hell? A music video inbetween commercials? WTF, is this about chicken nuggets?" Then the part when he's on the bed stressin........dead

ps. a little birdie told me keith sweat got paid a grip to write the jingle for that commercial.

NICA said...

"got that mcnuggets lovin"

Anonymous said...

Fuckin died when i saw this shit. Oh man, can't believe you posted it, lmao

Breezi F said...

lmao! Girl you gotta 10 peice dont be stingy!!!

When i first saw this i thought it was Brian McKnight!