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The main Shannae Ingleton has done it one mo again :) I don't even know why people are surprised as to how she does it, how she puts it all together, how it just comes so natural?! but let me tell you something, it's in this girls blood to do this shit, it's a skill in her that i have never seen in anyone else. I have seen people plan parties/events big whoop and I'm not saying this just to say it but she LOVES it and it is who she is. From planning my 22nd and 23rd bday parties to planning something like this just goes to show how off the hook this bitch really is. The event took place on a Sunday afternoon, i of course had to work at 5 but i couldn't miss it even if i was only going to be there for an hr. We were greeted at the door by lady Shay herself along with some sexy guys that were assisting with seating and drinks, we then had our pictures taken with the main herself and taken to our table where we were given a gift bag , talked/listed and served off the heezy food. The shay cried when she was speaking because she was soooooo happy and proud of herself and i secretly wanted to shed a tear too when i saw how much this really meant to her and how passionate she is about her events. I feel like I'm talking too much I'm gonna stop now, i am soooooooooo proud of her!!!! Lissa, Janet, Rachel & Moi


Tia said...

very cool :)

Janine said...

This event looks amazing!

We do something like this here...only it's called 'dinner with the best good girlfriends' and it's usually just me and my three best friends and there are no gift bags...boo!

It'd be nice have something like WWW here.

What Women Want said...

Thanks Nebby!!!!!!!!