Participants: ------------- Nebby , Jenny Via Blackberry Messenger Messages: --------- Nebby: I just fell :( Jenny: Lmao Jenny: Hahahhaa how?? Jenny: Hahahhaha Jenny: I can picture it Jenny: Lol Nebby: :(. Fuk u Jenny! We were skateboardin at work,Cuz everyone left and I fell bak n landed on my fanny Jenny: Lol Jenny: Hahahha Jenny: Hahahha Nebby: Bitch Jenny: I wish I was there :( Jenny: How's the ass? Still there? Nebby: I hate ur face: Nebby: Its rug burned n red Jenny: Cuz don't bother coming home if u don't have it Nebby: Its fake anyway Nebby: I'll just buy a new one Jenny: Sureeeeee I felt that shit, No fake in that at alllll Nebby: U feel it on a daily basis.....come to think of it i have come with the assumption that you might be bi-sexual Jenny: Noo, I am not! Nebby: Hmm......Okay..... Jenny: I'm not! Nebby: Cuz i have noticed that when u touch it its not a "straight girl "touch where u would look at me to see my reaction...U just slightly press up on it and carry on a conversation, like everything is cool. Jenny: Shut up Nebby: ..I see this is a sensitive topic...I will fall bizzack Jenny: Ur tooo much Nebby: When u ready to come out I'm here for u know that! Jenny: Shut up bye Jenny: Lolol Nebby: I love u no matter what k? I really don't care if u eat the nani Ok bye Jenny: Ur such a bitch!!!Now I can't touch ur asss anymore,Thank u for this!! Asshole! Nebby: :)


Chilly Willy said...

oh jenny!

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Janine said...

LMAO! SO wrong...so very wrong. LOL!