The truth

So the other day my home boy Samuel Jackson hits me up saying..."So I was at work, and I open up Peace Magazine and I see your face." And I'm like "word???" Here I am thinking Im famous or some shit...like they fuckin did an article on me...something like 'Watch out for this rising star!' type shit...not quite the case. So Samie....cuz i can call him that sends me the picture of my picture... It happens to be a picture of Will and I...so I hit will on BB...this is how the convo goes... Neb: Hey will, we're in a magazine will: No fuckin way? We're fuckin famous... Neb: Well sorta...kinda not really. Will: What magazine? Tell me tell me... Neb: We're in Peace magazine. Will: Sick...where can I buy this magazine... Neb: lol. I dont even know. But you wanna sign my copy? Will: Yea Ill sign it and i will pay you to sign mine. Im gonna frame my copy tho... *So anyways, 20 minutes later will hits me up again and hes like will: OMG! i just found our magazine! Neb: You did! i did too its free everywhere....Did you see the picture? will: Yea I did! I have the fuckin funniest story ever, Im gonna call you! *He calls me, and I hit ignore....He calls me again...i turn off my phone Neb: Im in class you shit...tell me here. Will: arrggghhh, ok fine, so I was in atheletes world and i seen the mag and i was like oh, can i take a copy, and the broad was like sure, and then i told her i was in it, and shes like oh yea and im like yea i am, and then she whistles and calls all of the employees over and we all look at the picture together! and then she gave me three copies! It was so fuckin funny Neb. We are so fuckin famous Neb omg! Do u wanna go around to clubs later and tell them to let us in, and if they say no we'll show them our picture? We could probably get away with so much. Im so excited for what our future holds as celebs...can you imagine. Papparazzi is going to lining up outside my crib taking my picture every morning...OMG! what if someone already saw the picture and is waiting at my crib now? OMG! i need some new clothes. Im going to msg u back, I gotta run into Holts and grab a new outfit...or maybe juss a new bag...cuz celebrities wear bum clothes and nice bags...cuz bags are a status thing...i heard that on Etalk...OMG! the possibilities! Neb: ... im gonna take a nap now, class is boring...and im too lazy to read everything you typed... Will:...you're an asshole...but i still love you with all my heart Neb: Im gonna msg u back when I care...*grabs her imaginary nuts* holla


Chilly Willy said...


this is so lie...for the truth (if you can handle it)


dj_lissamonét said...

y'all are my two fave celebs in this city...for real.

Rizz said...

LOL too cute