Don't mind the title it's a lil saying i say when i am DISGUSTED! school is on Tuesday... I took a peek at my school schedule and i wanted to vomit, no days off at all!!! not to mention all morning classes hooooollllaaaaaaaaay. A part of me feels like i need to get back on the edumacational waggon tho, i did a lil reading this summer to keep my brain functioning properly and i guess I'm a little excited to learn some of that new new shit this semester. Most of my classes are import/export, international business laws and all that hooplah so let's just take a moment and pray that i can get in at LEAST a good/healthy 5 hrs of sleep. Now i leave you with text of the day "Mira I'm at the register, I was gunna get baggy pants but i got a skirt too cause lemme tell you samthing! I am confident in who I ammm and nobody tells me what to dos" 10 min later..... "oh man cattie line at the uniform place...it's like the line for who wanna meet chris brown!" -Kenza- lol


Ria said...

hilarious kenza is so funny lol

Alvaro said...

very cute mami

Taz said...

good luck nebby!!!