.......the title's completely misleading. I don't actually have a running bloglist, but if I did I would add the-burning-house.com to that extremely short list: The premis of the blog is simple (and has little to do with Fashion.. double bonus). "If your house was burning, what would you bring with you?" - a concept so easy to understand, yet so interesting you can't resist reading. Thirsty blog readers rejoice, new posts are added daily and offer an unobstructed glimpse into what complete strangers hold near & dear to their heart.. (that's what turns you on right?) ...In a strange twist while I was reading the blog for the first time I actually found myself looking around identifying things around me i'd reach for if the walls around me went up in flames.... Hats off to whoever's behind this genius.. I'm happy with their concept & thrilled with their execution.. looking forward to trolling ...maybe even contributing. Check out The Burning House : here

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Nebby said...

you better add more cool shit to our blog list yo