"WINNING." Yes you are Charlie, Yes you are!

The Charlie Sheen random quote generator:


Lola G. said...

Wow. You know the world is fucked up when people are glorifying Charlie Sheen's stupidness #Jesustakethewheel

Nebby said...

too good!!!

Janine said...

People love to watch other people's lives implode. Carlos is going out with a bang and some very hilariously stupid and ironic sound bites. We eat shit like this up with a spoon and we'll all be sufficiently chastened when this motherfucker's heart explodes and we'll tut tut and we'll watch the coverage of his tragic and predictable death and we'll all armchair quarterback about what could have been done differently, and ask why didn't anyone save Charlie and our heads will be so far shoved up our own ASSES that we won't recognize our own hypocrisy. Or not.