Special Guests

As you have noticed and seem to love may I add, there are some fresh faces on The Segment!!!!

A while ago, I introduced you to Pauleanna. She's the cute innocent looking girl that keeps you hot and bothered every Saturday with her posts about everything naughty :) 

Today, I have someone else I would like to introduce you to, her name is Jyoti (Joe-tea)  
I'm fascinated about the way Jyoti's mind works so I gave her the green light to post about whatever the hell she wants. I know you will love her becuz I obviously know what you lust.

Anonymous-es get ready to HATE...
Supporters get ready to Lust


Anonymous said...

Neb did you see you were on bossip.com?

Anonymous said...

sorry DELETE! I see a comment about the bossip site already : ) sorry

Tees said...

WE LOVE THE IDEA!!!! can we submit entries for you to see them ??

Nebby said...

Of course you can :) nebbynebz@gmail.com

TheDeF said...

Some valid points, but we all knew EBT...umm I mean BET would plug all their shows and sponsors during this premiere. I could have done without meagan and terrence too. I was like where's Foxy? lol Apparently they said they wanted to start the show off 2 years later because thats about how long its been off the air, but some changes are just too dramatic to be real. With that said, if the show were the same as it was before there would be no reason to bring it back. I feel like thats what leads to the downfall of many african american shows, complacency. Also when you think about what real atheletes and their ex-wives are doing in the media today, the show isn't too far off because a lot of them are little extra.

When the previous season ended I didn't know what else they could do to bring it back, because the entire show was Melanie and Derwin trying to make it together. Ok, they ended up making it together, now what? So, while BET is being as EXTRA as only BET can be I'm just happy that the show has returned and I'm excited to see where they take the storyline.

coco said...

welcome Jyoti!!! so fun!



Anonymous said...

Jyoti should do travel guides.

JyOti MATHAROO said...

@coco: Thanks for the warm welcome C. *feeling fuzzy on the inside*


@Anonymous: Awww! So sweet. I'll manufacture my own Travel Guides with to-do's & not-to-do's