The LAME ... Oops, I mean GAME!

After seeing commercial after commercial & tons of posts on twitter about THE GAME, you would expect the show to live up to it's hype.
The only "game" I see on this show is the mind-games they play with each other! Minus the actual game, FOOTBALL! Where is it?
Of course, the cast looks great! They're all toned & tight, primped & proper. That was the ONLY plus i noticed.
Sad to say, but I absolutely hated the show. Basically, every single cliche you could think of was in this one episode.
Everything was OVER-SIZED: The houses, the egos, the hair weaves! It was just in-your-face.
And the over-acting! Don't get me started! :S
We get it! Yayyy you got signed for another season. Whoop-di-doo.
But no need to completely flip the script. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!
It felt like a brand new show, loud & abnoxious like all of the music videos on BET.
The jokes weren't the same, the humor wasn't the same & the characters did a complete 360.
And how do they start from 2 years later? I was expecting to see what happens after the tacky Vegas-style wedding!
Umm, What happened to Brit Brat? What kind of hormones is she taking???
The best part of The ORIGINAL Game was Kelly & Tasha's relationship. They MAKE the show. Their little battle with words & the race comments. LOVE!
But how do you make it that two grown ass, successful women are still at it AFTER TWO YEARS, & Jason isn't even with Camille anymore.
Kelly being obsessed with her NFL Ex Wife reality show & constant bragging about using her alimony ??? Girllllll , please. That's not something to brag about. That's sad.
On to Janay/Janae, whatever! What was sad was the fake compliments.
You know, the ones girls give each other when they hate each other but have nothing else to say. YEA. Those ones!
"Girl, i love you bag!" WHICH REALLY MEANS "That bag would look better on me bitch!"
Ugly Baby Mama - ZERO
Baby mama this, wifey that. Paternity test this, Who's the daddy that.
What THE GAME needed tonight was Maury Povich! He's always 100% on point.
The worst part?
BET cramming all the D-List actors into this episode.
Terrence with his shirt off? YUCK. I'm trying to keep my dinner down.
& Meagan Good's acting was anything BUT "Good".
The way she spoke to TeeTee, Sweet TeeTee, i LOVE TeeTee ... I wanted to drown her in the tub.
Speaking of tub!
I know every man in the world who watched the show tonight was thinking of ONE thing.
The chick who can hold her breath under water for that long!
Please ladies! Don't try this at home.
Unless your man is a LIFEGUARD!


Leese said...

Welcome Jyoti!
I agree but people keep saying give it a chance it's only the first episode. Let's give it one more.

Kristen said...

I agree, I was so freaken dissapointed I couldn't believe what I was watching.
I'm over it already just like the show that comes on after it -_-

Lauren P. said...

I couldn't agree anymore with this post, the whole time I was watching I was thinking wtf is going on??!?!?!?
They added a 106 &park VJ and megan good went from basically wondering LA streets looking to be noticed to the game?! GTFO, thanks but no thanks.

Nebby said...

OMG is it really this bad!??? I haven't watched O_O but now I def. will to see what you guys are talking about lol
yall are EVIL!!!!!!!!

Bianca said...

Um it wasn't that bad at all, I think you're going a bit overboard with your commentary.

Anonymous said...

Cosign! One of the best things about the game was that I always felt the actors portrayed their characters PERFECTLY! It doesn't feel organic at all, I didn't laugh once and Kelly and Malik annoyed the fuck outta me. I used to love Kelly...now they got her lookin like some wackass cruella devill (sp?) or somethin. I mean...what's with all her facial expressions and grunting? And Terrence and Tasha Mack? Just...awkward...I can't. I'm really hoping that this was someone's nigtmare, maybe Melanie, and she wakes up in the hospital chair after their hospital chapel wedding. Only thing I liked was DJ...the little boy they casted is adorable. That is all.


Anonymous said...

thank you! i was also disappointed in the return...and brit brat wasnt even the same actress....i dont think WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED? BET HAPPENED :(

Anonymous said...

When I didn't see the orginal BRIT BRAT, the show was a write off for me. :|

Anonymous said...


JyOti MATHAROO said...

@Leese: Thank you! ;D And YES, i will watch it ONE more time. I'm guessing it was the 1st episode so they decided to go WILD.

@Kristen: hahaha! That show after The Game had it's 15 seconds of fame! LOL

@Lauren P: HAHAHA! You're killing me. "wandering LA streets" LOL

@Nebby: Did you watch it yet??? Just watch so i can say "I told you so!" :P

@Bianca: This post is in MY OPINION. And yes, i thought it was THAT BAD. So i don't feel i'm going "overboard"

@Anonymous (1): I agree with you 100%. It's the characters that made it so strange.
Me & my sister would give each other looks like "Umm, that wasn't funny" ... Usually, i love Malik+TeeTee's & Tasha+Kelly's chemistry. BUT there was none. They're enemies now? WHAT?
LOL @ your little dream sequence idea. I WISH.
AND Terrence & Tasha *barf*
Where's FOXY?
DJ is adorable.
And i still love TeeTee.


@Anonymous (2): hahaha "BET HAPPENED" ... Yup! I refuse to believe Brit Brat shot up 10 years in 2. Umm, NO.

@Anonymous (3): As soon as i saw Meagan Good & that not-so-sexy slap, it was a write-off for me.

@Anonymous (4): Yes. I AM cruel :)

Janine said...

OMG, for the longest time I thought I was the only one who thought that Meagan Goode's acting was just awful. I mean, "Good Times" awful..."House of Payne" awful. I feel better knowing that it's not just me.

Count me as one of the few who didn't care for "The Game" in its first incarnation. Just so very melodramatic (although I love Wendy Raquel Robinson and Coby Bell) and over the top. Tia Mowry's character just made me want to punch MYSELF in the face out of frustration. The quality of the show could only go downhill with BET part of the creative process. I boycott BET. BET can fellate a big bowl of phalluses.

an jaeden said...

man i so agree! well said. i was def disappointed and would only watch for derwin haha other than that i aint trippn off it...sadly.