Matt Lauer < Kanye West

Your thoughts?


nita_ss54 said...

yeah Kenza, Kanye's a prima donna. I felt he said what he had to say to keep in good standing with millions of viewers and fans, I feel like sometimes people like him and Tupac never knew how powerful they were until it was too late. Even words that are spoken from such people should be censored. Kanye can't see it, but he pretty much has alot of power right now. A president gets millions of remarks a day, for Bush to recap on Kanye...man. That's big....Im not sure if Im off on over analyzing, but...what did you think?

Anonymous said...

i love kanye. and i love that he didn't even want to lie and say that george bush was not a racist and that he was sorry. instead he was just trying to say that it was wrong time and inferred the wrong thing about a particular incident.

i like him more becuase of it. i hate when people bow down to public opinion. and just offer up the fake insincere apologies on a platter.

jd chanel said...

it's a lot, but i think it pretty much sums up how i personally feel on the situation:


Janine said...

I've actually talked about this with my friends and I take issue with the following:

a) George W. saying that Kanye calling him out was "the most disgusting moment of his presidency". Seriously?? Because I can think of a couple of moments in his presidency that top that. Maybe he should call me so we can compare notes.

b) Why, is this even the major talking point in reference to Bush's book and not 9/11, The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the economy bottoming out? I think that Bush's handlers are capitalizing on the fact that people are still irrationally butt hurt with Kanye over Taylor Swift-gate. What a way to garner sympathy for an unpopular president. His PR team is brilliant.

3) Matt Lauer's handling of this situation was pedestrian and I question his journalistic integrity. He knew that playing the Swift-gate tape would get to West...he was probably counting on it. He pushed West until he got a reaction that would make for good tv and then feigned ignorance when his tactics came into question. It's a shame that Kanye wasn't mature enough to avoid the trap.

I really don't feel that Kanye has anything to apologize for. He said what he felt. Was the telethon a place to voice that opinion? Probably not...but you can't unring a bell. Truth is, he has a problem editing himself and if he doesn't learn to harness his tongue (and his Tweets) he's always going to be opening himself of for extreme scrutiny and ridicule. Only he knows if it's an even trade off for the fame he seems to enjoy so much.

Sorry for the dissertation.

Anonymous said...

its simple Matt Lauer is a glib like tom cruise said

FraNcis James said...

What a hoe! "look at his face" STFU Matt lauer