Terry McMillan x Getting To Happy

Is it weird I watched this video more than 5 times?? I'm excited to pick up her new book :)


Anonymiss said...

I don't know her work so this was my first introduction to her.

I like when you guys get into books and ask for and give recommendations, as I am a book worm :-)

Anonymous said...

@anonymiss ever seen the movie waiting to exhale...based on her experience

anyway how the hell she didnt know dude liked to get dicked down?

Nebby said...

sometimes.....the person is so caught up in the "love" they dont see anything they dont want to see. Him hiding it is part of the reason also lol

Janine said...

I really admire her. She's a plain talking woman. She gives it to you straight and I love that about her.

As far as her marriage goes, people can look at her ex NOW and say "how did she NOT know" but like Nebby said, she was in love and he was hiding. I'm glad she's forgiven him and moved on because she's right, anger and bitterness will kill you.

Anonymous said...

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