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Kenza here! So I started school this week, first year of college, and im still trying to get into the routine of good study/time management habits. Man oh man is this thing difficult. Anyways, I just wanted to know some of your tips on how to survive college, what you learned throughout it, etc. Let me know scholars! Ps: I know, I'm blogging and your shocked!


Anonymous said...

what are you studying ?:D

Anonymous said...

Find a buddy in every class to share notes and stuff. don’t procrastinate when its time to do essays and projects.
Agenda and organization is key to everything !
What are you studying ?

Kelz said...

Befriend a smart nerd. Rent all your schoolbooks from www.chegg.com(saves you tons of money). Before you get your books, check the school library to see if they have the book so you can just rent it from them. DO NOT procrastinate on your long papers. Set aside at least 4 hours every week for studying. If you have a blackberry, use that to e-mail your teachers and set reminders about when things are due. Get a study partner who motivates you to finish your work, and while you're studying keep something lavender scented next to you, and while you're taking your test, it helps with your memory....and that's all i can think of.........oh and most importantly, look your professors up on ratemyprofessor.com before the drop/add period and read what everyone says about them so you don't end up with a shitty professor. Good luck, and I hope it helps.

nuff luv,

kenzathegreat said...

im actually in school for psychology :).

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

hey!! what school? psych is a cool major.good luck in all the biology classes. im a senior now (in US) and here has been some gems (lumps of coal)ive picked up (found under my tree for christmas) along the way:

1. ratemyprofessor.com is not lying, so dont take the benefit of the doubt. if they say your bio teacher doen't speak english and the test are very hard and barely anybody passes. believe them!!! how the teacher structures the class makes a big difference in how well you do. i.e. will there be a curve, how many tests are there (if your grade is two test worth 50% and u suck at test, find another professor!!!) unfortunately every once in a while youll have no choice and u have to get the class done in order to move up, in those instances: god bless!

2. dont be too specific at first with your activities i.e. student orgs, part time jobs, internships (dont do all psych stuff at first) look around find your niche and the closer you get to job hunt time (junior senior year) the more specific u can get.

3. dont get caught up in everybody else's hustle. just because the school, classmates or whoever is pushing you to do a certain thing in a certain way doesnt mean you have to. im a business major and my business school is all about big firms and corporations and its very competitive getting internships, thats not what i want at all but thats what everybody talks about all the time. drown the other people out and do you, and follow the path thats actually going to make you happy when you get out.

4. books are a SCAM!!! dont you ever ever ever buy books before class starts, they are scaming you 100%. unless the teacher notifies you that you have an assignment specifically from the book due the first day of class then DO NOt BUY IT! ive been to so many classes where they said we use so and so book that cost mad money and you didnt need it at all. and if you do need it, stay away from campus bookstores. amazon.com will get you a cheaper one, chegg.com rents books.

5. the athletes and greeks that start to look really sexy in their unfiforms and all the hoes are chasin after. they have AIDS. even if they dont, assume they do and save yourself a lifetime of trouble. lol. a lot of my friends came in and just destroyed themselves. smh.have fun in college but college aint vegas, what happens there dont stay there. im tryna get outta here on some claire huxtable type shit.

6. when ever some petty shit goes down say to your self: im a grown ass bitch and i dont have time for this shit. because you are a grown ass bitch and you shouldnt have time for that shit.

this was ridiculously long but im on my way out of college now and have so much shit to say. lol.

Good Luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

if you have any breaks between classes use this time to go over your lecture notes and link it back to your reading...it helps retain what you just learned plus your really not gonna wanna do it later. and i totally agree with anonymous make a few buddies exchange emails

Anonymous said...

Procrastination= DEVIL.
Try writing all your notes by hand then typing them when you get home so they can be organized & you'd be going over them at the same time. DO ALL YOUR READINGS! Don't get carried away with the highlighting.Get enough sleep! Going to class tired = epic fail + day dreaming!

Janine said...

This post just gave me the motivation to complete my homework. Procrastination is indeed the devil.
Best of luck to you in school.

Anonymous said...

stay on track with all of your reading! don't postpone it...that was my mistake freshman yr & wish someone would have warned me o_O

as long as you make a reading and studying schedule, and stick to it, you'll be straight