if you like half naked females and creative advertising ..... Merry Christmas

** by now if your at work you should have already closed this based on the title but since you haven't i'll give you my advice and then you can do whatever you want.. your job.. your life.. right? between you an me you might want to bookmark this post and check it out when you get home.. because this video although revolutionary and unique from and advertising perspective probably isn't worth you loosing your job. ** I guess I could have made the title for this post "only for the grown and sexy" but I kinda wanted to give the people at work a heads up... anyway on to the main event. --I think it's only fair that I share the background I got prior to seeing this for the first time; then give you the chance to see it for yourself... after if you feel so inclined, you can tell me what you think.. (or not) ....that's usually how this bloggin thing goes anyway. without further ado an e-mail sent to me from a female co-worker.... title:Don't Judge Me body: Fleggaard Holding is based in Krusaa, Denmark. Just across Germany's northern-most border with Denmark you'll find an incredible superstore called Fleggaard. There, you can buy everything you need - tubs of gummi bears, cases of wine, industrial strength dishwashing soap - at prices 30% cheaper than you'll find in Denmark. It is Denmark's Costco, packaged as a German loophole. Here is the link to one of the best advertisements ever made Click Here Andy twitter.com/whatnowandy

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