Sun Tattoo

Not with it.


Anonymiss said...

I used to do that as a teenager with chinese symbol tattoo's but they were smaller than the palm of my hand... this looks odd... I don't like it lol

Shakira said...

Lol, this skin-disease looking idea must have been brought to us by the same geniuses who invented the vagina bedazzler?

Neb, since we are on the subject of tanning, can you recommend me a nice bronzer that gives you the sunkissed look? I'm supposed to have the Moroccan natural tan that most of us have, but I'm very pale and even the veins shine their way through my skin (incl. forehead). I've tried Fake Bake, St. Tropez, St. Moritz and the whole nine yards, but it gives me the well known orange glow and actual tanning is a no go as I end up with a red face that could stop traffic at night. Sigh, I just want a nice caramel tan that will stay with me 24/7, *whipes tears*. Actually I want caramel everything :$, but that's a different subject, hihi. Every little tip is more than welcome, thank youssssss.

(Ps. Forgive me for any misspellings as I am practising my l'anglais on you guys.)

Nebby said...

LOl shakira!!!
The only tanning i do is out in the sun and my skin is already naturally tanned so it only gets DARKER. I use hawaiian tropic dark sun tanning oil when i'm layed out by the pool, other than that i dont use any self tanners on my body.

Reggie said...

No like