Fave Reader: Toryona


I recently got put on to you through a series of other blogs&tumblrs I happen to be reading& browsing through. I believe I found you with the help of Desi Dollas, :] ever since then I been reading your tumblr& "The Segment". I just graduated from high school, (Congrads to you sister) & I've always had the same circle of friends, and their friends have always been my friends, while that has forged life long bonds& all that other good shit, it's quite tiresome when my mental capacity has moved beyond social networks, whose sucking up who, blunts, and parties, and the other joyful scenarios high school and adolescence seems to bring. I'm wayyyy more interested in the GRIND & bettering, educating, myself, so that in due time, I am able to provide for myself, independently. I feel as though if I truly buckle down and get to business, some might feel some sort of way about it. It's very difficult for me to relate to girls my age, while having a boyfriend is the focal point of their life, it isn't in mine, I don't want to seem disrespectful, yet dudes are the very least of my concerns, I'm tryin' to do some legendary shit, lol, if you could offer any kind words or advice it would be sincerely appreciated. Btw, big ups to you Misses, "goal orientated eye candy" but I can see it branches beyond that. Thank you for being you, and being one of the illest.

Hey Toryona!
You email left me thunderstruck. I don’t think you need ANY words or wisdom or advice from me at all. You have an astonishing vision and a great head on your shoulders. Keep on pushing cuz you are headed on the right track. One thing though I want to add. Don't completely abolish all things enjoyable in your life, whatever the definition of fun is to you make sure you add that in the mix of everything good you are doing. Other people your age should not be in your worries or thoughts at all, do you. Wishing you all the best!!

Ps: Thank you  :)



Leila said...

this made me smile :)
where is the hating on "anonymous" to hate on this too??

Toney said...

lol Leila. We should guess who the anonymous is hahahaha other than a loser behind a computer screen. I dont even think it's a girl i think it's a guy she might have turned down.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have a anonymous hater as well. They suck