Sweat it out

All I've gotta say, is that we've definetly come a loooonnng way in fashion when you see sweatpants and most importantly Polyester are showing up on the runways of some of THE most famous design houses on the planet!
While I'm sure not everyones idea of being fashionable includes pairing sweatpants & a blazer but it's all about being comfortable in your own skin & seeming effortlessly put together.

The key to pulling off Trendy Sweats:

1) It's gotta be the right sweatpants: Draw string or banded/elasticated at the waist. I prefer elasticated hem as well- as the sweatpants will hang better and can be rolled properly.

2) Avoid looking like a slob in sweats, by adding a 'structured' shirt/blazer/vest,it'll add a more chic and polished feel. What you pair with it is the dealbreaker as there's a fine line between sloppy/bummy and comfy casual.

3) Depends on your style and where you're going, you can complete your look with some Jays ( a la Amber Rose, see below) or with a great pair of stacked wedges, round toe pumps etc..

Above, from left: Lover fall '09 sweat pants; style blogger Elise from Anywho.dk wearing Everlast sweat shorts; Alex Wang resort '10 sweat pants; sweat pants on the Isabel Marant spring/summer '09 runway.(via Refinery29)

More Alexander Wang Sweats: HERE

Shop American Apparel's California Fleece Pant HERE




Chrissy said...

Great post Lola,I love that u are part of the segment. Your fashion posts are absolutely amazing.

Do you and Neb shop together??? You both have an incredible style eye.

Where can i get something similar to the pants that amber rose is wearing???? They are sooooo hot!


Whatever LOLA♥ wants LOLA♥ gets said...

Awwwn thanks Chrissy, you're a doll mama. I'm glad you like it :P
The pants that Amber is wearing are the LRG, Clubhouse Crusher fleece pant.

Yes Nebby & I do have a lot of similar tastes but we haven't been shopping together as yet :)


Natalie said...

I love this post and the sweats trend

Great tips, you and Nebby should definitely do a post together & shop!


mea.banks said...

Okay so I bought these "trendy" organic sweats from H& M like two years ago... and they didn't have a draw string...or elastic on the waist. And they had zippers on the ankles.! lol every time i woree them the fell down. :( SO here's my two two's ! Trendy sweats are SO CUTE... don't get em if they don't have a freaking mechanism to keep em on your wast cause they tend to stretch throughout the day!

great post !

Whatever LOLA♥ wants LOLA♥ gets said...

@ Natalie thanks, ya we'll definetly work on putting together a 'Nebby/Lola' shopping post ;)

@meabanks lmfao ur funny. they sounded cute, love sweatpants w/a zipper but w/out a drawstring waist, how can H&M call it sweatpants? smdh..