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When Nebby asked me to contribute as a guestblogger, I was immediately shocked . As a daily reader of THE SEGMENT i was so excited that the owner of one of my fave Toronto blogs would ask me to contribute. Well I hope you all enjoy, originally my blog was just a bunch of shit i liked and posted on Tumblr because i was tired of pics taking up space on my hardrive. But now it seems that i've grown a mini-audience and that we all share the same exquisite taste in Fashion & Culture ! ;) bhaha

So i'll post a few times a week or as often as I can.
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LiveLove LOLA


Anonymous said...

where do u find ur pics?

Anonymous said...

i am like addicted to ur tumblr!! best pics ever

Omarinho said...

Sick tats on both white girl wiff the ponytail en the keisha cole look-alike. Me likey Lola :)

Anonymous said...

like how you snuck vashtie in there. i love her.

Guest Blogger said...

ya her tats sick.
glad you like the pics