Slow Jams Season

I had a convo with a friend last night and he asked me who are the top 3 i'm listening to right now. It was hard for me to answer that question but i told him that my taste in music changes as the season does... he found that hilarious but I was so for real, right now all i'm listening to is R&B.
Given that i'm surrounded by some intelligent talented folks I get put on to new music ALL THE TIME and i luuuuh that. I was introduced to the new albums of: R Kelly (who would of thought!) Robin Thicke, Ryan Leslie and Trey Songz.

The top 3 songs that are on repeat right now are: (in no specific order)

"One Love" - Trey Songz

"Exit"- R Kelly

"Gibberish"- Ryan Leslie

What slow jams do you have on repeat cuz it hasn't snowed yet so I'm in need of more material to work with here.

Nebby loves it when the weather is cold, the music is slow and the food is hot.


Lydia said...

asinabadina gafhinda moonlight<-- only word I heard in the song lol. watch the making of gibberish on youtube, sick! He's soo underrated, another song I like from him is 'valentine'

Anonymous said...

Sleeping with a broken heart-Alicia Keys
Sex Therapy-Robin Thicke
Point of it all-Anthony Hamilton

Anonymous said...

Anything Sade!!! And her new single off her upcoming album Soldier of Love" is DOPE!


kd said...

Alicia keys - Unthinkable, & Diary
Usher - trading places. &
will work for love.

Mario - Miss my friend
Dream - Falsetto
Mariah carey - I want to know what love is , & more than just friends.

sooo many!! of them.. now I got a feeling of making an R&B cd.

Elva said...

I've had Musiq Soulchild on loop for the past week. And that Alicia Keys track "Unthinkable" too. You are right though - music does change with the seasons.

scandal said...

"The Evolution of Robin Thicke" his best albummm could listen all day
"Lover's Rock" Sade
can't wait for her new ish :)

Thee.boss said...

Movie--Chris Brown
Sex Therapy--Robin Thicke
Unthinkable--Alicia Keys
Jupiter Love--Trey Songz

In no specific order.

k said...

I wanna grow old with you. from the movie the - the wedding singer
love this song :)


AnitaH SparkZ said...

Aiiight NEBBY Here's My HEAVY ROTATION in regards to slow jams...

J.HOLIDAY - "Lights Go Out"

SOLANGE - "Stillness is the Move"

GOAPELE - "Don't Be Shy"

CASSIE - "Kiss Me" ft.Ryan Leslie

(I know Cassie sucks but this song is dope!)

ALICIA KEYS - "Love is Blind" & "Like the Sea" of the new album

MR HUDSON - "White Lies"

I can give you a whole Cd full of tracks...lol

Peep them on Youtube...bless!

Nebby said...

I will be illegaly downloading every song you guys suggested that i don't have already lol THANK YOU

Anonymous said...

Stillness is Move-Solange