Marrakech Tent
1328 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON

Marrakech Tent, which was a small cafe/restaurant about a month ago was viewed and snatched up by my mother. She had more in mind for the restaurant than what it already had going on, she took it upon herself to renovate and re-launch the whole project. She's in charge of the cooking and also training a couple of ladies to help in the kitchen. Words can't even describe how proud I am of her. This is just the beginning.
For some great authentic Moroccan food in Toronto, come check out Marrakech Tent. It's a cozy little restaurant right off of Danforth and Greenwood. The service is amazing, the food is delicious and definitely affordable $$

Tell them Zineb and Kenza sent you for a special discount ;)


Anonymous said...

will you have dinner with me there neb?

Nebby said...

im in

TRè said...

Man, anonymous beat me to the punch lol *runs out the room crying* but this has just made me want to open up my dream resturaunt Trè's Chicken & Tacos, only for you Neb only for you lol

elizabeth said...

ooommgg yesss IM IN THEERRRE !!! like swimmwearrr !!! your mother cooking, that is just the best thing ever . enuff saidd


p.s- cant wait for Feb. to have me a lil sumthin of everything on that menu !

Sim said...

Hmmm, I can only imagine the nice food that's being cooked up in there. I love looove loooove Moroccan fish bestilla and briwat, but I can't fix it. : ) Besaha to the mother of Kenza and Nebby, Allah ikml b lghir in the hope that many more Marrakech Tent's will follow. *raises glass for a toast*

Unfortunately I live on the other side of the world, but if I ever visit Canada I'll make sure to Google ''Toronto + Marrakech Tent'' for the right address. I see Google is already holding your moms down, because the first search results represent her, woooop wooooop.

Ps. But please no Jedwane music, lmaoooooo.

Andy. said...

love this post... looks great!

Mother neb, Congrats!

FraNcis James said...

Nice! I'll have to pass through one of these days

OmarinhoDeCasablanca said...

Aint nothing like a momma's good ol' saksou.. haha. Loves it.