clap for' em - Geoff Canada

It's always refreshing to meet or learn about someone who is extremely passionate about their work - 10 years ago Geoff Canada implemented his own solution to the educational gap that was constant in Harlem,NY. He invested his own capital to build the Harlem Children's Zone - The goal was simple; increase the college graduation amongst the poverty stricken students in Harlem. The corner stone of Geoff Canada's private school system is a promise to parents that once enrolled your son/daughter will not only attend but graduate from college. This private school system operates under a "cradle to college" structure which educates and provides continuous support for students from kindergarden through college. The program has been described as "one of the biggest social experiments of our time" and much as i've tried to convey how revolutionary this program is im sure i've failed by Mr. Canada's standards, so please check out this interview featuring Geoff Canada (via:60minutes) part1 part2 andy, Geoff Canada -- a modern day robin hood that doesn't steal from the rich but continues to give to the poor - clap for' em


GabbyZ said...

Great find, very inspiring!!

Anonymiss said...

This is the kind of world news people should be promoting... bravo Andy!

Andy. said...

anonymiss- you really didnt like tiger story huh lol? it wasnt that bad its ok to bring up a light topic like that every now and again- no? - but yeah i like this story a lot more.

Anonymiss said...

Andy, I'm so sick of people having nothing to talk about but Rihanna getting boxed, who Drake is rumored to be dating, where Tiger's dicks been dipped.

I was talking to my girl, and she was rambling about one of the above, and I'm like 'yeah so it's fucked up about Canadian soldiers being caught up in this torture scandal involving Afghan detainees' and she's like 'what are you talking about'. I just wish people would talk about more than the E channel report, I'm starting to feel like TMZ over here.

And yo, there's nothing wrong with talking about those things, its just at that moment when YOU posted about it lol (it's extra funny cause I don't know you) I just felt like "OMG THE WORLDS GONE MAD"... I apologize if i made an e-scene lol

Jae said...

I watched this over the weekend on TV and was reeallly moved by it. Involved education, teachers who give a shit and extra curricular involvement is the solution to a lot of the issues facing area like that. Namely crime. point blank, bored kids who don't think they have anything to aspire to ANYWAY do shit...simply to do shit.

& agreed @ anonymiss. people barely even read actual news sites anymore. it's a shame how much of our "news" we get from gossip blogs. Of course, I'm not about to read cnn.com all damn day long but we've definitely lost balance and become a celeb-obsessed society and culture