Over the weekend I was surprised with a trip to one of Canada's largest Wine communities - Niagara on the Lake. Not only did i get the chance to sample some of the best wine Canada has to offer; for 22$ I was able to take 2 tours.. one of which that took me down in the trenches to learn first hand about the vines, barrels & bottling.. the second that took me to the dinning table to learn about wine and food pairing.. both tours were awesome well worth the price of admission -- I was introduced to ice wine for the first time- (which if you havent had it before will probably blow your mind... cuz its tastes so good..) if your interested in wine and havent made it out to a winery I would highly recommend it..even if your not into learning about the wine making process --its always cool to get a grip of free samples.. check out this collection of photos from Canada's wine country (click on the photo to get the full picture)
lake niagara
wine & food
andy, ice (wine) in my veins

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Shannae said...

I love Pellar Estates... I've been a few times and I posted it on my blog too! xoxo