the google conglomerate

the creative minds at google have been working on a few projects you might have heard of but know nothing about --Google Chrome & Google Wave ...I was hesitant to post this cuz it's a bit technical but i decided i would... seeing as it might change the way we all use the Internet.. google chrome google wave if your looking for more info on google wave you can watch this video also ... it's super long but it touches on a bit more of the functionality of google wave if you have a hour and twenty minutes to kill and your interested ... here you go andy, i know ive been getting real techie lately -- i promise my next post will be about rims,hoes & guns (since everyone can relate to that)

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Natalie said...

Nuh-uh this isn't too techie! I haven't watched it yet but seriously I love Google Chrome so I am interested.

I think Google will Apple's competitor in terms of usability because honestly that's what I think Apple has over everyone. Their products are so simple (not without problems) but the simplicity sort of makes up for that

Besides isn't everyone a techie today? Just to different degrees...