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parents and businesses know – kids call the shots. That’s why it’s no surprise that 95% off business put together complete marketing strategies that above all will get the attention off children. photo taken by me (andy) Lets looks at a few of the facts: 1) 70% of purchase decisions within a family are made directly or indirectly by kids. - directly: your child doesn’t like the product so you don’t buy the product - indirectly: your child is allergic to materials used in a product or the product itself so you don’t buy that product 2) Kids decide whats "cool" – as parents age they begin to pay much more attention to what their kids are buying it helps them to determine things like whats “in style” or whats “cool” – cool products turn into billions of dollars for businesses 3) Kids make the post purchase decision: ok so you decided your going to buy new car – guess who gonna choose the colour? Parents welcome kids to be apart of the purchase decision. Once a parent decides they will purchase a product they often seek insight from their kids. opinions from children on things like colour, size and even model can change the end purchase significantly. (3.5) Still don’t agree? lets take something a bit more simple and a question parents ask kids often: “Where do you want to eat lunch today?” child says: child says "happy meal at McDonald's" (because of the toy of course) lunch time rolls around and surprise your at McDonald's ordering a diet coke & supersizeing your fries
Purchase decision made by:??
Found this online, not the most interesting video but a decent addition to this post - check it out with all the marketing activity and attention directed solely at children - is it fair to say its only a matter of time before children lose their childhood? andy, "the moment a baby sees clearly they become a consumer"

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