Precious Screening

I got a chance to go to my first time TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) screening EVER!!!! It was the movie that I blogged about HERE . It was a good movie non the less but it was just... what's the term I'm looking for...TOO MUCH. I can actually picture the directors sitting down in a meeting with everyone involved and asking "what is the worst thing that can possibly happen to someone" I can picture people being like "being on welfare!" "HIV!" "Pregnancy at 16" etc... and the director being like "I LOVE THEM ALL!!! let's go with all of them!!" lol Don't take my word for it, you should go check it out when it comes out in November, just keep in mind it is VERY graphic. Bellow is the review video that we made after the movie along with Q&A with the director of the movie.

WWW & Friends see the TIFFs presentation of Prescious! from Shannae Ingleton on Vimeo.

Shannae Ingleton of What Women Want, Yvonne Kai of Heydoyou and Zineb Samir of The Segment, give their personal review of the Segment after watching Precious at TIFF and having a Q&A with Director Lee Daniels...

(My luvlie dates Shannae Ingleton of What Women Want, Yvonne Kai of Heydoyou ) xoxo Neb

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Nash said...

I don't think it was on the director to make it " too much ". There's actually a book about that the movie is based on called 'Push', it's really good.