RIP - gone 2 soon but the 1yr manufacturers warranty has me saying hello...
I have no clue how this camera stacks up against the competition, they told me it was "of equivalent value" so i rolled with the punches n told em throw it in the bag - went to the jays game later that night (thx motorola) and got a chance to try it out.. check it:
jays lost the game but the camera won (me over..)
andy, give me a month or so to learn how to use this n its flashing lights all over again
side note: ok so i get that the one female (below this post) is squirting (and that's a topic on it's own) ... but is that other shorty trying to catch the squirt juice in her mouth.?? (WTF) im guessin they didnt' tag her in - so she got in the action on her own - im sure there was many different things she could have done at that point... but she choose to drink squirt juice... (cocaine is a hell of a drug)


Breezi F said...

You sure u weren't a photgrapher in your past life, Andy? The pics you take are awesome. Maybe I should invest in a Canon camera and see what that be like! Lol
Oh and to ur sidenote; cocaine is helluva drug..lmao

Natalie said...

Breezi F is dead on, your pictures are dope, especially the "Toronto" one, like the little boy is flying the flag.

lmao at "squirt juice"

P.S. I still like the Canon Powershot 880 IS thanks for all your help

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.....Gotta get me one...How much was it?

Nebby said...

andy! the pix came out amazing!! i might have to invest in this lil cam and u might have to hook it up w ur link halaaaaaaa

Anonymiss said...

dude, great seats... last time I went I was as far as you can go before hitting dome wall (it's still the dome to me, F U Ted Rogers!)

Andy. said...

miss - yea i was in the 100 level row 17 real good seats.

reggie - not sure how much it is cuz they just swaped it...but the model number is sd960 so look out for it

neb - yeh not to bad for the first time still learning how to use it though.. let me know when ur ready to make the investment

Breezi - thanks glad you enjoy em. Cannon isn't bad i'v owned two and both of em were great...

Nat - thanks & glad the 880 is working well for you..