Don't Criticize (hypersize) - Nike at it again..

the most compelling thing about nike (from a marketing perspective) is they stray away from traditional marketing practices… yet always produce outstanding campaigns…i really like the direction nike is going with their marketing initiatives lately.. Check out the new single/campaign from nike basketball & footlocker: Don't Criticize (hypersize) – see if you can identify the artists/actors more on this campaign here andy,dj quick killed it


Breezi F said...

Andy I just seen the commercial on the TV, I can only spot Carmello! Who am I missing? I keep thinking I see Lebron!!!

Andy. said...

sry beezi no melo or lebron...

Rashard Lewis(aka Ice-O), Mo Williams(aka Fog Raw), Kevin Durant (aka Velvet Hoop aka Durantula) and Andre Iguodala (Chief Blocka)