Fall back off my vagina

Bahahahahahh thanks Dejesus!


Gabby. said...

"he bite me in my vagina!"
she was talking for at least a minute about the dog biting her vagina lol

im reposting this on FB

FraNcis James said...

Hahahaha! Man this one put me on the ground...LMAO

good stuff

be. is for bite in the bagina said...

neb, honestly. where the hell do you get this shit?! holy crap.

Fev said...


funniest shit i've ever seen.

Anonymiss said...

really though???? lol!

I gotta start carrying my camera around again, I saw and heard some shit at PRIDE that had me rolling on the floor lol

oh and Be.is for bite in the Bagina (LOL)

Andy. said...

lol gold.