Chicken & 40s

This past Friday I put together a lil something something for Lissa's b-day, I called it Chicken and 40s , I invited everyone and EVERYONE showed up! It was great, I got the meat booked us the patio area, coco got the cake ppl brought their drinks, the whole vibe was amazing. I saw ppl i haven't seen in a while, all in all everyone had a GREAT time!! we should def. do it again. Will captured all the love in one take.... Yes: I was drunk in the elevator Yes: I was free styling Yes: I was doing the old school dance Yes: I touched the unknown man's ass when he got in the elevator With that said, thank you to everyone for coming and a BIG THANK YOU TO MISS BOSS/KENZA for looking out for me MUAH! oh and will...ur welcome for the hat. After the BBQ we freshened up and headed out to Ultra (pix courtesy of Coco&Lowe)


Anonymiss said...

that was SO much better than my birthday lol

CeleBritney said...

Heyyy U went back Blk!
Love the dark hair on u!
Loll @ U riden her head like that hahaha.

Anonymous said...

Love the tan! you look beautiful!

AYO! stephie said...

I wanna party it up w| youuu!

my birthday in a couple of months *wink, wink* haha.

Anonymous said...

WOW @ Azuka's watch. o_O