Fave Reader: Natalie W.

Lol Nebby I was listening to Nicki Minaj's Beam Me Up Scotty Mixtape the other day and the song Shopaholic featuring Gucci Mane (Yeeeeaaaaahh) reminded me of you especially the first verse, he takes you to Morroco!

It just reminds me of you to a tee! (Expect I'm guessing you are more independent)

First verse:
I gotta shoppin' problem
She gotta shoppin' problem
I'm a compulsive shopper
So I'm a cop her prada
I'm a ice her outta
Make ya talk about her
She got this thang about her
Yea she a sexy walker

We shoppin' in Morroco
I took her to Dubai
Lil' mama stupid fly
So tell me watcha like
Because I like to buy
My money stupid fat
His money on a diet
Ten stacks to keep her quiet
I make her call me daddy
Yea there go daddy baby
And she loves daddy cause
Daddy gone keep dem hatin'
Yea they hatin baby
They wanna trade places
I call her sexy lady
She call me gucci baby

No offence intended


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