fif of May.. get faded with your mexican friends

it's a celebration bitches.. must haves to celebrate Cinco de mayo.. enchiladas + Nachos + tequila/corona + Mexican friend(s)that haven't been to Mexico in the past 3 - 6 months (might have went to far with that last one..) andy, about to send out a "happy cinco dey mayo" txt msg to all the Mexicans i know (you should 2) ... check your inbox: nebby, kenza, los, gilly, jpak (hahaha)


Anonymous said...


mighty mar said...

best day to be half mexi

Anonymiss said...

HA! Good thing I put beer in the fridge! I knew this was no ordinary Tuesday lol.

VATOS LOCOS FOREVER EH! lol, I know that's not really a Mexican saying but it's all I got... *throws sombrero up*