We flight high, no lie and you knooooow thiiiiissss....

BOWLINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGG (image tiefed from nat) Last night we went bowling @ Lucky Strike in Vaughan Mills (SO FAR AWAY) because i guess the week prior they did a lil hood bowling and poor coco's window got smashed SMH. Bowling was good our team, pictured above lost by 2 points :) against the other team, but we still had fun. Next week we should def. go to the boro location because its 24 hrs and its sooooo much better. After bowling i called my school friends to see what they were up to and they told me that they were celebrating end of finals at some pub downtown, now i haven't been to a pub since like senior year in high school, boston days. so i said whyyyy noooooooot. Turned out SO FUN!!! except for the part where i had to take care of my friend Chris and stop on the dvp every 2 min. so he can puke :( ANYHOOT i feel like i have been treating this blog like a step child, scratch that i actually hate when ppl say that because i wouldnt treat a step child any kind of way, so what i meant to say is i feel like i been on neglectarus (yes i make up words so what?) with this blog so FORGIVE ME. i have been busy busy busy with moving. Do you know how hard it is to buy furniture, set up delivery dates, assembly dates, open an account with hydro canada, see what kind of bundle promotions rogers has and make sure everything goes smoothly?! its HARD it's going to be my FIRST time living on my own, i did the roomie thing but i this time i want it to be me against the world, so wish me luck. I wont be moving out the country or back to Boston...just yet, i'll be close but yet a lil farther away. Tonight i will be CLUB HOPPING, yeaaa i said it lol i have never done that so wish me luck with that too lol some sexy ladies and i are aware that the weather is be auuuu tiful today and theres so many things happening in the city we wanna have a lil piece of all of em so we thought HEY! why not hop scotch around from partay to partay?! brilliant idea. Meet the C.H. Team: These are the ladies that we will be kidnapping along the way: There will be more where that came from as the night approaches, Will def. keep you posted Via Twitter :) www.twitter.com/NebbyNeb


CeleBritney said...

omG Neb... ur superrr Little!
Aww.. Short ppl are coooool! lol

Cute pics.. looks like yall had fun.. Yo homeboi is a LIGHT WEIGHT! loll

michele said...

hahahahah boowwwlllin' . Good times.

I was going to steal your team photo and photoshop it. Put up the heading "We keep it gutter"...lol..as in "gutter balls". hahaha

I still might do that.

and p.s. I WISH you kidnapped me. I can't get this outta my head: "1,2,3,4 uno dos tres quatro...i know you want me...lalalal"