While reading my magazine today i came across an article by Suzy Welch, who is the author of 10-10-10 A life-transforming idea. She is also the former editor of the Harvard Business Review and is the executive-in-residence at Babson College's center for Women's Leadership. A basket of success if you ask me. She speaks about a strategy that she has come up with, the 10-10-10. I don't know about you but sometimes i find myself thinking GOD PLEAAASE give me a hint to let me know if I'm making the right decision, or i would think ... ok if the light turns green NOW then I'm making the right decision lol so silly i know but i think her technique is a tab bit more on the making sense side. HOW IT WORKS: 10-10-10- a way to sort out every complicated decision by assessing the impact it'll have on your life in 10 minutes, 10 months and 10 years. Example: Your boo asks you to move in with him, woop woop!! but hold up 10 10 10 that before you get too excited. In 10 minutes you will have less closet space but half the rent, after 10 months you will have less "me time" but a deeper understanding of him- for better or worse right? Then 10 years down the road, will you have scars from breaking up with the man you almost built a life with? or will you have a strong, long-term bond with him? Once you have thought about all the angles, your answer will be clear and you'll have concrete simple reasoning to back it up! yay! not to mention you will be able to explain it to your boo. Last but not least don't blame the 10 10 10 its not supposed to tell you what to do but it sure as hell helps you figure out what you care about most so you can make the right choice FOR WHO?! FOR YOU! Signing off, Nebula


Mary said...

nice 10-10-10 is a concept i should start living by

Amena Lee X Fresh said...

I officially have a new mantra

10-10-10 to rasssssssssssss!