Past vs.Present : The marketing story in under 4mins

This video was put together by a German agency and provides a concise look at evolution of brand Marketing. great content, great animation, and the best part is they made it easy to follow and understand... A++ in my books ...Enjoy! Andy, it's not rocket science it's marketing..


Natalie said...

Really great video, simplicity is always best..

Side note thanks andy this counts as GREAT research for my media studies assignment. I have great info thanks again


Andy. said...

Natalie - no problem best of luck with that assignment.. let your teacher know andy put you on.. if you want im free to come in teach the class for a few hours ... it'll be like show an tell andy edition..

msTEASEa said...

Hey great video!! if you haven't already or if you have the time you should check this video out....my whole perception of consumerism changed after my roommate showed me a year ago...it's a tad long...but the narrative is simple and you can really get into it after watching it!! It's the Story of Stuff

msTEASEa said...

I watch it once in a while to deter myself from buying something I don't really need...lol ENJOY

Natalie said...

lol will do! probably get her to show my class. teach class for a few hours? my longest lesson is an hour and 40 plus I live in London lol but really thanks

I'll let you know what grade I get

Andy. said...

Natalie - cool let me know how you do!

mstease - dope video thanks for puttin me on..