25 Randizled things bout Moi

I have been gettin alot of these and i enjoyed many of them. Here's twnty5 randizled things bout yo gurl, in no specif ordaz: 1. My Family is my ♥ they are my everything. 2. I was born and raised in Casablanca, Morocco. 3. I had to learn English from watching Disney movies. 4. I talk with my hands 5. I just started drinking milk last year 6. Me + Alcohol = NO go...this is why u see me sippin 7. I kiss with my eyes semi shut 8. I am terrified of clowns 9. My Idontgiveafukness gets me in trouble 10. I was going to join the Marines after high school 11. I keep my "status" private 12. I love porn 13. My real laugh is obnoxiously loud and annoying 14. I speak Arabic french and English...at home we speak Araiglish 15. I have three tats and seven piercings 16. I used to go to a psychic, she was the business 17. I wanna go to Brazil/phi phi islands and Maldives 18. I hardly forgive but if i do I will NEVER forget 19. People that lie and live a fake life are....*smh* sad 21. i LOVEEEE spending my money 22. I have a real bad sweet tooth, chocolate is my love. 23. I played with my boy cousins when i was lil and we used to steal things, start fires, fight boys and make fun of girls in the neighborhood. 24. i can make my hip pop out and back in 25. I miss my best friend soooooooo much (i luv u matt) * Feel free to add yours, you dont have to do all 25 just the top 3 things that i would never guess from looking at you...Ready? Go!


chilly willy said...

1) im fat
2) im tall
3) im as cute as cabbage
4) im slow
5) im smart-ish
6) im boring
7) im done...sigh

8) i love you more than you know! hugs?

Nebby said...

1) I knew it
2) You are a liar
3) YEs you are
4) Yes you is
5) eh
6) no way jose
7) thank god
8) hug!!!

hustleGRL said...

1. My foot is a size 10 in men (11.5 in women YIKES) don't laugh lol
2. When I was 4 years old, I had to cut my hair bald because my brother and I got into an argument & he cut my hair with scissors while i was sleeping. It was growing uneven :(
3. I used love to fart in public pools when I was younger cause it made bubbles LOL

Nebby said...

LMAO!!! karla!!!

Anonymous said...

I talk with my hands as well.....LOL!!!!

kenzathegreat said...

- my sister and i have our own type of lingo. when one of us starts saying something the other one dies of laughter before its finished.

Timaaa. said...

i kno a thing or two about arabic+french+english combo. =P

Sheda said...

1. I watch Children's programming even when my son is sleeping.

2. I secretly enjoy when the bus driver drives past people who are running for the bus.

3. I had the Toni Braxton short hair cut in the 2nd grade. My hair was breaking, so my mom cut it.

4. I don't like to wear dresses, although I have so much.

5. Growing up I had more guy friends than girls.

6. I bite my nails.

7. I am a really good cook, I looove to bake.

8. I have the lowest alcohol tolerance on the planet.

9. I despise people who lie and cheat.

10. I cry sometimes for no reason. And when I watch TV/movies, or hear of something sad, I will cry. (I know I suck.. lol)

11. I want to go to Greece.

12. I am afraid of spiders.

13. My short term memory sucks.

14. I have a tendency to smile, when people talk to me, no matter what we're talking about.

15. I love all types of food.

16. I am extremely hard headed.

17. I'm a camera whore.

18. I own my own hair business.

19. I love my family and friends.

20. I have no booty.

21. I'm single.

22. I love to shop.

23. I believe in the power of prayer.

24. I am scared of elevators.

25. I can sing, and wanted to be a singer when I was younger.

I know you said 3, but I couldn't help but do all 25.

Anonymous said...

Karla your number 3 reminds me of when I was 9 years old.

The last time I farted in a public pool the bubbles made the water fly up/in my ass...

it was the WORST experience of my life.....
it felt horrible!

CeleBritney said...

1) i had 9 cavities at a time once lmao (tooooo much candy an soda)

2) i cuss wayyyyyy too much

3) my friend dared me to steal this strippers wallet in high school and i found there was a G in it, so i got scared and put it back ( lmao du,b ass)

4) i used to lie my asssss off when i was little

5) i used to have BIG ass boobies, but they shrunk when i lost weight ( womp womp)

6) i got teased about my 4 head up until........shit i STILL get teased loll

7) use the words * burnt ; Raggedy* wayy too much

8) Auditioned to be on Maken the Band forming Danity Kane in San Fransisco and passed the singing, but couldnt make it to the dance audition the next day ( tear)

9) Loves Italian food with a Passion

10) loves Porn TOO ( white people porn) lolll

11) Still watches Nickolodeon And Disney Movies

12) lived in Germany and Hawaii growing up

13) is from the Bay Area, but not a " hood rat", but def " hood".

Nicki said...

1)I'm known as the "black white girl"
2)I have big man hands
3)I have a Gene Simmons tongue
4)I live vicariously through the ladies on The Real Housewives of Orange County
5)I'm the oldest of 5-my youngest sibling is a year old.
6)Porn and cartoons are my obsession (not cartoon porn-that's different)
7)Every morning at 7:50 I have to watch The Weekenders on the Family Channel while eating Captain Crunch
8)My God-Father is Lennox Lewis
9)I stole gum from Wal-Mart 2 days ago cuz my cousin dared me to
10)I have a yorkie-poo named Benji
11)My siblings are my bestest friends-Taylor-13, Tatyana-18, Tristan-2 and Maddox-1
12)Jem from Jem and The Hollograms is my idol.
13)When I was younger I wanted to be Storm from X-Men
14)Am deathly afraid of heights, clowns, spiders and porcelain dolls
15)I can recite all the lines from Dumb and Dumber and Beauty and The Beast
16)I have 2 copies of every Disney movie ever made on VHS of course lol-1 to watch and the other is left in its original package
17)I'm obsessed with everything from the 80's-music, movies, big hair, etc.
18)Vanilla scented candles are the ish
19)I have a secret crush on The Jonas Brothers
20)I have a secret crush on Kelly Ripa
21)Born and raised in Kitchener-Waterloo, ONT-Jamaican/Dominican/Irish decent
22)Been saying that I'm going move to Toronto "soon" since I was 16-I'm 25 smh
23)I get severe anxiety attacks
24)My socks have to match my outfit
25)I have the tiniest ears you'll ever see on a grown ass woman lol!

Anonymous said...

alright, as usual lemmie start with the i dont know you lol, so i aint gonna post up random facts BUT girl is that a big ass picture of yourself in the background????

lol, i just had to comment

Fev said...

1) When it comes to my food, i'm a very greedy person..

2) I don't like eating or drinking over other peoples houses..usually depends on the person though.

3) I can pop my thumb out of it's socket. I also crack my knuckles and knees a lot. People around me hate it when I do that LOL.

4) I can only sleep on my stomach, not on my back or side.

5) I'm terrified of cats and dogs

Nebby said...

Man yall are just as weird as me lol

yess anonymiss my friend painted it for me and gave it to me for my bday :)

Jai. said...

Im posting my entire list cause Im a gangsta bitch. ha And heck yes Nebula, Brasil and Phi Phi are on my list! Im saving up for my $1500 Brasil plane ticket right now, going on New Years 2011-2012.

"I hate being vulnerable/people analyzing me therefore I have been putting off writing this list but whatever.

1) I love my family so, so, so (one more: so) much and I am very blessed!

2) I am a Leo and I think we are the best! (one word: Obama) And Cancers are at a close second :)

3) I sometimes wish I was born in the 1960s because of the revolution and the music. I would be a hybrid of a hippie and a Black Panther.

4) I know HELLA random facts. People always ask me "How do you know that?!"

5) I still have a hard time answering the, “Are you mixed?" question and I always have. I’m not bi-racial but my dad is and my mom is technically "mixed". I didn’t know what mixed was as a kid and it confused me horribly.

6) I am in the upper echelon of Drake fans and have been since 2004.Leslie and I have even formed a new breed of Drake fan called "Drizlets". lol

7) I used to think that the government would tap into my phone on numerous occasions when I had "controversial" political discussions. Therefore, when I thought I was being taped, I would just talk shit about the government, the bogus war, and ex-Pres. Bush (and then laugh at "whomever" was listening)

8) I have had this theory that Obama is the anti-Christ yet I still voted for him (therefore I have no doubt he will get us out of this economic catastrophe.)

9) I also am very interested in the 2012 end of the world theory and I need to get a move on my life goals if it’s true. lol

10) I am in love with the idea of being in love but I have never had a "real" boyfriend.

11) I hate how the media focuses on a handful of cute, missing white kids/women each year and then ignores the thousands of other missing people.

12) I am serving in the Peace Corps after grad-school and I can’t wait to start my phase of service this year.

13) I have excellent pronunciation in Spanish but I’m not close to be fluent even though I will be in a few years.

14) I think Nickelodeon should dedicate an entire channel to the infamous era of 90’s Nickelodeon nostalgia.

15) I love to travel! I have a list of all the countries I’m going to and I can’t wait until Brasil 2011-2012.

16) I have seen "City of God" and "City of Men" so many times I should fluently speak Portuguese by now. But I only know a few words including "fuck you".

17) I have always had extremely neat handwriting. My professor once showed the entire class, I felt like I was in 4th grade again.

18) I hate when people say "Fiddy Cent" instead of "Fifty Cent" and when people unnecessarily add an "r" onto the end of words ex: idea vs. idear

19) I need a tape recorder and I sing a lot. I just randomly create songs with dope lyrics/melodies but I can never remember or write them down. Oh and I get mad at myself when people ask me to sing for them. I get so nervous that my voice messes up and I know I’m much better than that.

20) I think I could be a really good dancer if I would have stayed in dance classes as a child, actually I know.

21) I don’t understand the big deal with Blackberries and Twitter.

22) I’ve never been worried about having lots of friends; it's quality over quantity.

23) I hate when people kiss other people's asses (esp. if it’s just b/c they are attractive and/ or dress cute).

24) I love interracial love! I am not attracted to one race over the next whatsoever.

25) I am graduating a year late thanks to switching from pre-law to advertising. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do but I most likely will find out this summer most likely during my internship :)

26) I love being black but I also love Latinos and their culture! But I wish some would understand the difference between race and ethnicity/nationality and stop denying their African roots (cough: Dominicans)

27) I have been a DeGrassi head since I was 13 yrs. old and I have seen every episode at least 4 times.

28) I used to be obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley! Every Tuesday when a new movie was released, my granny would buy it in the morning and put it in my mail-box so I could watch it after school. ha

29) I am a big supporter of gay rights.

30) I admire those who are different, don't give a flip, and speak their mind.

31) I can spot a trend YEARS in advance.

32) I NEED A JOB! fuck you, pay me (please?) lol

33) I would like to get a tattoo of the African continent and “It’s not how far you fall, it's the way you land.” in black ink and “La vita è bella”(“life is beautiful” in Italian) possibly in white ink but I don’t know where.

34) My favorite cartoons: Doug, Recess, Pepperann, Hey Arnold, Wondershowzin, and Rugrats.

35) I wish Bob Marley were still alive.

*I like inspirational quotes therefore I will leave you with this:
“Let the world change you and you can change the world.”
“Holy bologna stuffed in rigatoni” lol


Janine said...

1. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is my favorite show.

2. I like porn from the 70's and 80's (less spitting)

3. I can hold a grudge for a really long time.

4. I'm a bit of a control freak.

5. When I was younger I had a crush on Pee-Wee Herman. (Don't judge me)

Nebby said...

just an FYI to all that participated...thank you so much for the feedback because you guys have entertained me i get the comments sent to my phone and its been wonderful reading them as they come in :)

Anonymous said...

thats an awesome present for real. i just HAD to point it out though lol, you know how it is.


a blushing anonymiss lol

here's a couple about me even though you don't know me

1) i eat a lot, and when i say a lot, i mean my parents literally laugh and go "WHAT, youre hungry AGAIN???" lol'ing of coure haha

2) i walk funny in heels, but who cares i look ill

3) i don't drink tap water

4) i'm a hip hop head but i cannot deny tiesto's beats

5) i love new york (the show lol)

6) i'm trying to learn arabic... keefeek habibti, did i say that right?

7)i don't spend much time on the internet but i really like your blog

the end!


Breezi F said...

I'll just leave you with 3 cause I don't wanna hog all the space! (I'll do twentyfive on my blog)

1. I get a kick out of old people in motocooters in the mall. They crack me up SPEEDiN!

2. I thought the Orange Hand at a crosswalk meant "C'mon" until I almost got hit by a car.

3. I read THE SEGMENT at least 3x daily =)

known by many namez said...

hey nebb, i think everyone loves a little porn lol.....and omg karla! lmao!!

bclarke said...

i love reading these things. here are my fave three from mine;

1. my birthday is in 2 days and im kinda scurred. 17 is a weird age and also the last year before im an 'adult' and thats verrrry weird
2. i am a super sentimental person. i love little notes and lame shit like that. and i still have birthday cards from like 8+ years ago
15. i am a big fan of abbrev's. i try to abbreviated as many words as i can, as long as it doesnt sound stupid