Your arms too short to box with god

I'm sure alot of you had a mini net hangin on the back of your bedroom door growing up (I did)... member all the fun you had? until your brother/sister/cuzzin/neighbour/hatin ass kid for down the street broke your net... anyway Multiply the amount of fun you had by a Thousand because this is like having that same mini net 9.5 feet in the air.... so yeah...I'm now accepting new challengers for a Holiday Dunk off... we've done this a few times before and always had madd funn... if i get enough people that really wanna do this we'll make it a small event .. if not just come to the store while im working an say "you ready to dunk old man?" we'll thro down a few dunks I'll win and you'll contemplate why you left your house to get embarrassed in front of your girl... see you Saturday?


Nebby said...


count me in *flashback to track challenge*

Andy. said...

i wasn't gonna bring up the track challenge but since you did... lol
u didnt' know i had it like that huh in my Team Ontario Warm-ups...shhhiitt.. I woooped your ass on that 200m

fyi..guess who found their track spikes..we can have a round two this summer.. you might wanna start trainin now maybe... lol

kenzathegreat said...


The Definition said...

Love the "Almost Jordan" pose in the last pic. Spread ya legs boy!

Nebby said...

buwahahaha she said almost Jordan