Locked up.

This is definitely old news for anyone who checks Sports Center on the regular..but shit like this has to get posted as far as im concerned.. No denying he's got one of the smoothest jumpshots of all time...but have you ever seen Jesus Shuttlesworth (He Got Game 1998) get locked up like this.. ? I hope your watching New York.. Andy sings in his Akon voice -" Andre got locked up they wont let him out...." ChiTown stand up. Went to the game Sunday (good looking out Arlene).. this shit had me doing the Harlem shake in the stands acting like I lost my mind...damn... Prizbilla did not read the scouting report.. i'm sure he's learned his lesson.. Andy,


MoneyMitch said...

lmao @ the akon voice.. being an avid sportscenter viewer (w/ tivo) i have seen each of these plays numerous times, yet each time i see 'em i damn near lose my breath.. especially watchin jesus shuttlesworth get his shit broke THINKIN he can gaurd crawford.. *shakes head*

Ameena Ashley said...

Even though I'm a celtics fan, it was pretty funny to see ray get shook up like that.

Lmao @ the Rose clip. Gave me another reason to love him. :)