What women want was truly amazing! got there a liiiiitttle later but still had a whole lot of fun =D shay def. know how to throw a partaaay. Anywhoos here are some pix from the event. I will add more later i'm late for work.

LOL I was gonna eat him for taking the picture too soon.

There you go, Miss Boss, Miss Neb and Miss Katiya

Damion & I

Pechie, Me & Damion with his off the hook bag

Miss Boss & Miss Neb

Miss Boss' custom made dress =)

Posin for the cam cam man

The dress i made ;)

She made me do it =P


Just said...

Beautiful Boston.

breythegemini Vulture of Streetwear and Hip Hop Culture said...

Yo Neb, that dress is is a good look, im feeling it