i'm saying tho...

i love starting conversations like that "so i'm saying tho..." yea i know i know i have been on the super dooper down low but finals are a bi*ch!!!!

This M1 thing is not easy i meeeeeeeaaaaaaaaan i already know how to ride a motorcycle but they want me to go to classes and what not i been riding motorcycles since morocco 13 yrs old son askkkkkkkkk about me!ok i think my meds are kicking in for sure for sure i have the stomach flu and i went to the school Dr. today with kris and Dr. was asking me about being sexually active and i felt weird talking to him cuz he is not my Dr. and plus there is nuthin exciting happening in that department anyway so im trying to explain to him that man it cant be that its gotta be the flu this thing going around is crazy, so he insiiiiiiiiisted i take a pee test im like MAN I AM NOT PREGO he said the symptoms i have described to him would need for him to conduct a urine test *rolls my eyes* watever gimme the damn cup so i can prove your ass wrong i peed in that lil ass container (you cant tell me you never pissed on ur hand) and gave him like "HEAAAA" so then just like i told his ass but he wasnt hearing it...pshhh i dunno how he wanted me to have some miracle child so finally he gave me my medicine and i got to go home.
i took a pic at the office cuz i hate the look of it...it looks so uncomfortable

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