Money, Cash, Road Trip$

First things first...I am all done with school thank God!!!!!! i am the happiest bitch on this planet right about now =D now all i have left is work full time with out worrying about only getting 4 hrs of sleep now i can actually have an ordinary sleep.
i have been taking things facile and smoooov not to mention laying out a whole lotta cash, all on good things nevertheless. It has been really sunny and just oh so beautiful out so it makes it easier to go out and make things happen. I took my car to get a nice full wash, went to get my windows tinted which makes my car look super sexy now ;)

Took Mom and Kenza on a date to get some goooooood food then we got back home, i opened the newspaper and was looking through the "Pets" section and came across a lady that breeds Chihuahuas and sells them so i called and she said that she has a bunch available and she would be more than happy if i came by to look at them. I did just that...i put her address in the GPS, picked up Kenza from school and we were on our way one thing i did NOT grasp and she dis remembered to share with us is that she lived in the COUNTRYYYYYYYYY
we were driving two hrs out of Toronto it was so vacant, i did not think anything like that existed 2 hrs out of Toronto...straight up Texas chainsaw massacre.

we finaaaaaally got there and fell in love with Choochie so we dropped the cash and brought him home with us!!!

T'was a good day

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What kind of car do you drive?